Laura played a very large role in the birth of my first child: my husband and I took Laura’s 9 week birthing class, she participated in my daughter’s birth as our doula, and she was hired to work with us postpartum. After taking her birthing class, my husband and I knew that we needed her as part of our birth team. We felt that her calming presence and extensive experience would give us the best possible chance of having our child the way we wanted to. As I met with Laura to talk through my birth plan, she offered opinions without being judgmental and honored what was important to us. We grew extremely comfortable that Laura would be our advocate when we were unsure of what was best, our cheerleader when everyone else needed a break, and our voice of reason when things got overwhelming. Laura arrived at our house while I was in labor, and helped determine when we needed to head to the hospital. Once there, she helped me to settle into labor in my room, and it became clear that she had a strong rapport with the my midwife and the nurses.

Throughout labor, Laura offered advice on different positions that might help move things along, and massaged my lower back, with each contraction I endured, for close to 10 hours. She encouraged my husband to take much needed breaks from the physical and emotional stress he was under, and she held my hand when I doubted myself. Her presence and guidance gave us the confidence to push through when things got really tough. She showed the perfect blend of empathy and encouragement, and I my husband and I attribute much of the success of our daughter’s birth to Laura. Postpartum, Laura helped me with breastfeeding, took care of the baby when I needed a break, did laundry, prepared meals, and made sure that I was fed and rested. Laura exceeded all of our expectations. My husband and I agree that if we have a second child, we will absolutely hire Laura to be by our side again.

Beth Hughes
Fortunately for me, I knew exactly who I wanted bt my side other than my husband at my birth. That was definitely Laura. When you imagine your birth at first you may not think about having a doula. The thought honestly might not have popped into my head, but Laura has been apart of my life for many years now because my sister in law used her for all 3 of her children and I know at least 8 other babies she has delivered and every single person couldn’t not say enough about her so I knew I had to have her by my side when I was giving birth to my baby girl.

I was the crazy girl who used castor oil only a couple days after I was due, but like all women at 40 weeks, I WAS DONE. Laura, even though she thought I was insane 🙂 was there for me through it all. I went into labor at about 1 am on a Sunday night. I contacted Laura the next morning saying I was having contractions and they weren’t too intense so I still had them under control. Fast forward to Tuesday night, that’s when everything got pretty intense and I statted to feel pressure and like I needed to head to the hospital. I called my midwives and let them know I was coming and I didn’t expect to be very far along so I told Laura I would go in but she didn’t have to come right then. Just by hearing my voice Laura knew it was time so we got to the hospital and she was waiting outside and helped me get to my room and I just felt a sense of calm knowing she was by my side. Turns out I was 8 centimeters when I got to the hospital! Then things got really fun. Laura out music on for me and did her thing. She was incredible. It’s almost impossible to explain the love I have for her now. She knew exactly where I needed to be touched and if I needed to be and what to say to ease my mind and get me the birth I had imagined and wanted. I truly dont know how it would have went without her, but I will never find out because I will use her for the every child I have. I was truly honored to have her there.

Tabitha Walsh
My daughter had an amazing birth because of Laura. We took Laura’s birth class on the strong recommendation from close friends. They implored us to hire her as our doula because of their great experience. We didn’t have a lot of “discretionary” funds but we scraped together the money because we felt so comfortable with her and wanted an expert by our side. Importanly, even if Laura charged triple her fee she would be worth it! During class and our private interview, she took the time to discern our vision for the birth. Listening compassionately to our fears and concerns, she helped us clarify what we defined as a successful birth. Laura was always available to answer questions. When I went into labor, I was anxious, but not scared, because I had the knowledge gleaned from Laura’s class and the certainty of Laura’s assistance. When I told Laura that I was in active labor, Laura told me she was on her way and I immediately felt relieved. One of our concerns was when to leave for the hospital. We felt immediately supported and safe when Laura arrived and we departed for hospital at the right time. Laura was calm, supportive, and reassuring throughout my labor. She was able to speak for me when I was unable to speak for myself. She was a calm and controlled force during what felt like chaos and confusion. Laura is the consummate professional–supportive, compassionate, knowledgeable and non-judgmental. Having Laura at my side was akin to having my own personal tour guide in a foreign land. She was able to translate what was happening to my body into a language both my and I husband easily understood. Laura’s presence brought me confidence in my own abilities and the strength to go on when I was fatigued. She empowered my husband to support me in ways that I needed. Laura was the glue that held my birth team together, and, without her, my daughter’s birth would not be the beautiful memory we carry today.
Kelly Lerner Sanders
I have been at my 2 sister’s births with Laura, and have had her at my own births-in all 7 births together! I cannot imagine ever giving birth without her loving, experienced presence there. After having her at my three births, I can say Laura has given me so much knowledge and calm of mind, maybe I could birth without her, but I would NEVER want to! Not in a million years.

I met Laura at my sister’s birth. It was a peaceful birth experience, and I clearly saw how well prepared emotionally and physically my sister was for a natural calm birth, there was no question I’d be going for the same. When I got pregnant with my first, we called Laura right away and signed up for her class. It was a wonderful experience. She is an amazing teacher, was balanced, informative and above all empowering! As a mother with chronic health problems, she strengthened me so much and helped me believe in my natural ability to give birth. The birth of our first child went beautifully. When I got pregnant with our second, 3 years later, we decided to take the childbirth classes again and I’m glad I was able to do that. Even though I was busy with one child at home already, it was nice to give those few hrs a week to just that pregnancy. Again, the birth experience with Laura was just great. With my third-besides our very close family-the first phone call is to Laura to share the good news! She was at the third birth also, and again it was a peaceful, natural birth. She is wonderful with the postpartum visits. Its a nice time to reflect on your birth, and talk over what it means being a mother whether its the first, second or third time. Laura has the experience to give you peace of mind. She has so much knowledge. She knows the local hospitals, midwives, OBs very well. But she also has a quiet calm strength, which is the most important quality in a doula. I am privleged to call her a mentor and friend.

Christian Schembre
I first heard of Laura approximately 11 years ago. My oldest sister was pregnant with her second baby and hoping to have a successful VBAC. (She did not have a doula for her first baby.) Laura attended the birth as her labor doula and provided all the help my sister needed to reach her goal. Laura subsequently attended two more births with my oldest sister and two more births for my other sister, as well. (Five births total.) Through the years, I heard nothing but the upmost praise for Laura and the aid she provided during labor. Needless to say, when it was finally my turn, there was no doubt in my mind that I also wanted Laura to be my doula. After telling my family that my husband and I were expecting our first child, I immediately called Laura to let her know the good news and to make sure she would be available to attend our baby’s birth – Thankfully and to my delight, she was.

I can wholeheartedly say now that all of the wonderful things I had heard about Laura for so long were entirely true. Everything she did – from massage to providing encouraging words to coaching through contractions and so much more – proved to be invaluable. To know that someone with so much knowledge and experience was by my side every step of the way provided me a tremendous sense of reassurance and peace. I knew I was in good hands. But what really makes Laura so special is the kindness and compassion she extends. Laura is perfectly in tune with a mother’s hopes, excitement, and anxieties leading up to and during labor. She is always quick to provide the right words to not only keep you focused on your goal, but to remind you to celebrate the journey along the way. Even though she has attended countless births, she still treats your birth as being special. She genuinely wants you to have the most beautiful birthing experience possible and will do whatever is in her power to help you achieve that. Thank you so much, Laura! You’re the best!!!

Georgette Brackett
We hired Laura to help us achieve our VBAC. I had never labored with my son because he was breech, and wanted to do everything in my power to have a successful vaginal delivery. While initially I wasn’t nervous about entering into labor, the closer I got to D ( delivery) day the more anxious I got. She was so great at brining my anxiety levels down and helping me feel calm about the approaching day. She also guided me to ask my doctors important questions that helped to establish my expectations for my experience and create a birth plan that everyone was comfortable with. She was also such a great help in easing my husband’s anxiety’s about the experience. He said ” I don’t know what I would have done without her”. It’s really difficult for a husband to see his wife go through so much pain, and she was able to keep him calm and assure him that everything was fine… which in turn helped him support me more leading up to the big day and during labor.

While I had hoped and prepared for an unmedicated birth; eventually I did choose to have an epidural. She never made me feel uncomfortable with my decision to do so. And in the end, we both agreed that everything happens for a reason, and that it probably saved me from a second c-section. We are both so happy to have shared our birth experience with Laura. She will always be a part of that special day.

Katie Kabel