Everyone has an image of what they expect from their perfect childbirth. My vision was an unmediated birth with no interventions. After learning about Laura’s childbirth class from Avalon Midwives, I knew it was the perfect class for my husband and I. During one of Laura’s classes we learned what a doula was (a word I’d never heard of) and after we left class that night my husband and I both said, “we want Laura!” My labor started just as Laura explained many do, right around bedtime. The following morning my contractions were getting intense but I did just as Laura said, deny you are in labor for as long as possible. by mid afternoon my husband started to get worried bc my contractions were 4-5 mins apart and we still hadn’t called Laura to come to the house. Laura had called every so often to check on us to see if we wanted her to come oVer. I kept telling my husband I was fine. Laura at one point asked to speak w me and when she heard my voice she said, “I better come over.” When she got to my house, she said “let’s go for a walk’, and then “lets get you in the shower.” She knew exactly what was needed to get my labor to progress.While I was in the shower, Laura could tell by my moans that it was time to go to the hospital. I was 6cm upon arrival! after 2 hours of being at the hosp it was time to push. Laura knew exactly what I needed (ice, cold cloths, words of encouragement) when my labor was unbarable. It’s as if she knew exactly what to do/say w/o me saying anything. I wanted to give up so many times but didn’t bc of Laura. Even as I pushed she calmed me down and told me how to push more effectively. My angel was out w just 1 hour of pushing.She even called repeatedly after my birth bc she knew I needed to talk (many bf’ing issues). My husband and I both know this perfect birth would have NEVER happened w/o Laura. She will be at all of our future births and will be recommended to everyone we know. I can’t express how grateful we are to her.
Nicole Beloch
Selecting Laura as my doula was the best descion! I called her at 37 weeks pregnant with twins and begged her to take me on even though she had a very busy month. I was hoping for a twin VBAC and needed someone experienced, knowledgeable and supportive to help with a vaginal twin birth. She was the BEST for the task! She fit me into her schedule, made time to get to know my husband and I quickly and was there every step of the way. During labor, she helped through the pain of contractions and was very encoraging. Thanks to Laura, I had a successful twin VBAC with no complications. The birth was quick and both kids were born a few minutes apart. My husband, who was not sure that we even needed a doula, was so thankful and thrilled to have her with us on our birthing journey. When you are with Laura, you are in good, experienced and caring hands. Not only is she the best at what she does, she also has a wealth of recommendations and referrals. The lactation consultant she recommended has helped immensly with latching both children on and feeding in tandem. Laura – thank you for all that you do!! You are amazing!
Irina Guberuk
My experience with Laura was exceptional. From the very first phone call, her positivity and enthusiasm was contagious. I was introduced to the idea of a doula through a friend and did some research before making the decision that I wanted a doula at my birth. It’s funny, though, I didn’t find Laura through a doula network – I found her through her role as an educator. It was the childbirth classes that brought me in, but I immediately knew she was the perfect person to go through the birth with my husband and I. Soup to nuts, Laura is a powerhouse. Her knowledge is extensive and her experience allows her to follow her intuition to provide customized service to each of the families with whom she works. My birth didn’t go as planned (medically), and Laura was there, supporting me and holding my hand. She gave me the space I needed to process my fears and the support I needed to know that I wasn’t crazy. Thank goodness she was there because she helped ease my fears about the unplanned C-Section. She held my hand and guided my husband to support me in the operating room (I insisted that she be in the OR with us). Post-partum, the support was amazing. Laura visited and provided suggestions and support when needed. Any woman who hires her should count her lucky stars – I know that I did.
Emily Krueger
Laura was my doula for my second and third deliveries and I credit her for the positive feelings associated weith both of those births. Her presence in the room was calming and reassuring, her knowledge and encouragement truly motivational. Laura respected my decisions and validated my emotions, which to me was key in having a successful natural delivery. She provided a safe and loving environment where I felt comfortable discussing my options and thoughts. I highly recommend having a doula, especially Laura, to anyone who asks.
Rena Carlton
My husband wasn’t sold on using a doula. He wasn’t sure we would need one. However, after meeting Laura and taking her class, he was relieved that she was going to be there to guide us through the birth of our first child. Asking Laura to be my doula for the birth of our son was one of the best decisions we made. Her help and support exceeded my expectations, not only during labor and delivery, but throughout my pregnancy, including postpartum.My goal of having a natural (drug free) birth suddenly felt unattainable after learning that I needed to be induced due to low amniotic fluid. I knew from Laura’s class that it could make natural labor more challenging. I can confidently say I would not have been able to withstand the erratic and intense contractions from pitocin without an epidural without Laura’s support.

Her calm and comforting presence centered me during labor. She was beyond prepared and always knew just what I needed, whether it was a mint, cold wash cloth or (my favorite) a lower back massage. At one point, I even slept inbetween contractions. That never would have happened without Laura! Laura’s passion, knowledge, warmth, and caring nature are just some of the qualities that make her a wonderful person and doula. It is hard for me to put into words how grateful I am for all of her support and guidance. She is truly a gem and I recommend her wholeheartedly, without hesitation.

Amanda Boyd
I cannot imagine my birth without Laura. This was my 3rd birth and my second VBAC. She was everything a doula should be – kind, understanding, amazing at keeping me calm, and always just what to say. I loved the preparation classes with her and my husband – but she was just incredible when it came time for labor. She knew just what to do, what positions to try, and how to get things moving for me during my labor. I had a tough labor and Laura was simply amazing through it all. My favorite part about Laura was how she would gently touch my forehead during the most painful contractions so that I remembered to relax. She also recognized before the doctor even realized it that my baby had shifted positions and was facing posterior. And the best reward – I have this incredible baby that I birthed – and will remind me each day I look at him how I was able to accomplish this miracle – thanks to Laura’s help!!

My first VBAC was almost accidental – I had so wanted a natural birth with baby #1 that when I got to the hospital for baby #2, I was so calm and relaxed (because I was anticipating a c-section) that I was actually able to have a VBAC! However, when I got to about 20 weeks with my third baby, I started to panic because I was so nervous I’d be back in the same boat that I had been in with baby #1, so wanting a natural birth, that I would freak out and end up with a c-section. That’s when I realized I needed a doula to help me through this. And not just any Doula – I needed the best possible Doula who has seen everything and was ready for anything. Laura was that for me – and as a VBAC I had to fight off a few doctors in the process again – but it was all worth it. Having her by my side made me feel like I could do it – and I sure did it! Thanks Laura!!

Rena Shapiro