When I reached out to Laura, I was hoping to attempt a VBAC but wasn’t entirely convinced that I could do it. I had also had a bad experience with another doula during my previous birth (which ended up a C-Section), so I was unsure whether I should even try working with another doula. I am so glad I did – Laura was exactly what I hoped a doula would be, and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Laura was wonderful with helping prepare to have the best possible outcome, spent time talking to me about working through any possible physical or emotional issues that might stand in my way and talked me and my husband through the ins and outs of what to expect with labor. She made an effort to get to know us before the birth, so that we would feel comfortable together in labor. When I did go into labor, in the middle of the night, Laura was right there when I asked her to come and she immediately helped with relaxation and encouragement. She was compassionate and warm and supportive and calm, and knew just what to say to help me through the tough contractions. She had a great relationship with the midwife and I really felt like I had a great team helping me through the birth. Laura was with me every minute, and she had amazing intuition for what would be the best kind of support for me at the moment. When I was cold, she got warm blankets or suggested my husband get in bed with me. When the going got tough, she suggested trying to labor in the tub for a while. She held my hand when I needed that and calmed me down when I needed that. I’m so grateful to Laura for playing such a huge part in my successful unmedicated VBAC. She is the best!

Heather Gillis
My husband and I first met Laura 2 years ago through her childbirth education class. We both loved her instantly and after a few classes decided we wanted her to be with us during the birth as well. It was one of the best decisions we could have made because we ended up with a very different birth experience than anyone had anticpated. All indicators had pointed to a quick, easy labor and I was extremely determined to have an unmedicated birth. However, after 17 1/2 hours of laboring naturally, I was faced with a very difficult decision due to extreme pain from my sciatic nerve. The pain had worsened over the course of my pregnancy but became unbearable during labor when the baby dropped down to a position which caused unrelenting stimulation of the nerve. Laura tried everything to make me comfortable – the tub, shower, massage, compresses – but it was her calm and assured presence that kept me from totally losing control. She even made sure my husband took a few breaks and had something to eat and drink with the assurance that she would not leave me alone while he was gone. At some point the midwife and nurses grew concerned for the baby’s safety and lack of labor progression, and although I was devastated at the time, I knew I had to try the epidural to try and avoid a C-section. I will never forget how Laura leaned over me and took my hand and told me it was ok, that I had tried my hardest and that we just needed to get the baby out safely. Six hours later my daughter was born, beautiful and healthy. Laura called over the next few days to check on us in the hospital. She knew how important my birth plan had been to me and never once trivialized its significance. Her insights, strength and support not only helped me through a difficult birth, but also in coming to terms with my experience in the weeks that followed. I recommend her so highly!
Dana Babeu
Laura was our doula for the birth of our second baby. I wanted an unmedicated childbirth and Laura was highly recommended by a friend. She was simply amazing. From the moment she arrived at our house until an hour after our baby was born, she never left my side. Laura taught me how to work through my contractions so they became surprisingly bearable. Her calm, warm, and confident presence helped my husband and I to truly trust in her. Our 3 year old daughter loved her too. I labored mostly at home and had our baby very shortly after we got to the hospital. She created an environment than was fun and relaxed rather than stressful. I’m so proud of myself for having the unmediated birth that I wanted. I think that Laura’s belief in me led me to believe in myself- and for that I will be forever grateful. We just love her!
Alexis Fiala
Whenever anyone asks my husband or I about our birth experience, we immediately start gushing about what a wonderful and positive experience we had and I know we owe a lot of that positiveness to Laura. We were so blessed to not only have Laura as our doula, but as our childbirth instructor as well. Her knowledge, patience and truly loving support were immeasurable in our successful natural childbirth. All that we had learned from Laura leading up to the birth and her reassuring presence during the birth (both over the phone and in person) helped to keep us calm, focused and relaxed even when our birth went from a rather long, slow early labor to a precipitous active labor and delivery. My husband also felt extremely comfortable with Laura and was able to call her and tell her my progression when my water broke at home and I was no longer able to speak during contractions. No words can every truly express all my gratitude for Laura’s role in our birth. I recommend her with all my highest regards and cannot wait for the time to come when I am able to use her services again with our second child.
Stacey Gunderman
Laura is truly amazing! I can’t imagine attempting a natural chldbirth without a doula, and I am quite sure that Laura is one of the best. She is kind and nurturing as well as confident and supportive. After experiencing a tough labor experience with my first child (with another doula–not Laura), Laura assured me that she would never leave my side during the labor and that we would not end up in triage at the hospital (both of which were problems with my first labor). She helped me feel safe and calm. She was nonjudgemental when i said I might need an epidural, which somehow took pressure off of me.

I had back labor and my baby’s head wouldn’t turn. In addition to performing pelvic squeezes to help ease the pain and try to create space for the baby to turn (Laura is strong!), she came up with the most ingenious trick that saved me hours of labor. She had me put one leg up on an uneven stool and when I spent 1 contraction in this position, the baby’s head instantly turned and I was able to quickly push out our baby. Not the midwife nor the nurse knew this trick. This trick would have saved me hours and hours of labor (and an epidural) with my first baby… In the end, I had the medication-free natural childbirth that I hoped for. I owe so much gratitude to Laura. I am in awe of her experience and grace under pressure. When she came to visit us after the birth, she made my older daughter feel like the star of the show. And, of course, she was able to answer all of our baby care questions. I could go on and on. Laura is amazing and I can’t say enough about her!

Kristin DellaVolpe
Labor can feel pretty intimidating, so it was a big relief for me to know that I would have Laura by my side during that time. She had been our childbirth educator, so when I did go into labor, I felt nervous but well-prepared. As labor progressed, she gave good suggestions of things to do and later helped me transition into active labor. I was happy that I labored mostly at home and was only in the hospital for four hours before giving birth. It was a huge help to have another set of hands once we got to the hospital and nice that she was familiar with the hospital, the staff, and my midwives. Her presence gave my husband and me peace of mind. I would absolutely recommend her…and I would choose to have a doula a second time as well!
Sarah Gioe