How many times did I hear that with my first pregnancy, when I shared my desire to have a natural birth?

Almost every time! I remember feeling a little embarrassed –was I being grandiose? And a little frightened-was I being foolish?

Of course, the answer to both questions was no. I was being neither foolish nor grandiose. I just wanted to try to have a birth with no drugs. I knew it would be hard-they do call it labor.  But as the time drew near, a nagging feeling deep inside of me grew.  Maybe I couldn’t do it. Why did so many women tell me, “You’ll see, just wait until you’re in labor“? So the inner battle of whether I could or could not do it continued until my labor began.  I was able to birth my son with no medication and it was truly the experience I hoped for. Was it difficult? Yes. But so are many things that we value.

Which brings me to my point. Imagine a friend or colleague telling you they are training for a 26.2 mile marathon.  Would you ever say “that’s too difficult to do”? Or, ‘Wait until you hit the halfway mark-you’ll never get through it”?

No.  You would not. I imagine you might  say “Good for you! “ or “I wish you well” or “You should be proud of yourself “ for attempting such a feat.

So, the next time a pregnant woman tells you she is thinking of birthing without pain medication, just tell her  “Good for you! I wish you the best!”