There’s a sign hanging up at my hairstylist’s booth that says “I’m a beautician, not a magician” I laugh every time I see it, and it got me thinking how people sometimes expect magic from regular folks.

I then thought about how many times I have received a birth doula inquiry from a pregnant-mom-to -be who is very interested in a hiring me to help her achieve a natural birth and tells me she:

-She is too busy to take a comprehensive natural childbirth preparation course

-Is going to a high intervention hospital without tubs or showers

-Has a birth team that does not support low intervention births

-Has a partner who is not interested in that “natural stuff”

Doula’s are not magicians. Laboring women,and their partners, need to have an understanding of the process of labor, how to relax and how to utilize pain coping therapies to assist them if they are desirous of a natural birth.  But,they also need L & D nurses and hospital protocols that are supportive of the natural model,and doctors and/or midwives who will help them achieve their goals.

So, if you are looking to have a natural birth, take an excellent class, find a birth place that will support you and your partner, get yourself an awesome doctor or midwife and find yourself a magical doula.